DPD units for other provider activities

You can accrue DPD units for participating in any learning activities in the area of director or governance practice (governance practice includes activities undertaken by executives who report or support their organisation’s company directors and/or board).

The Company Directors Corporate Governance FrameworkTM (the Framework) is the starting point to guide your decisions about recognising DPD from other providers. The Framework has four quadrants, each divided into a number of topics representing the skill, knowledge and practice of directorship and governance.

Area of practice

The Framework covers individual director practice, board governance, organisational governance and stakeholder engagement.

Four steps to determine the DPD unit value

  1. Consider the activity you have undertaken or plan to do with another provider.
  2. Identify the area of practice (as below) that your activity aligns to and note this for potential audit purposes.
  3. Select the activity which most closely aligns with the professional development you wish to undertake / have undertaken by using our DPD unit values table as a comparative guide. You may need to estimate the DPD unit values if there is no close alignment with one of our activities. DPD units are not directly connected to hours of learning or engagement in the professional development activity.
  4. Allocate the appropriate DPD units. You may choose to record this in the member area of our website or through some other recording process.


For more information about the Framework, see What is the Company Directors Corporate Governance FrameworkTM?