Board Ready

Building corporate governance capability

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The Board Ready program is conducted in conjunction with large corporate organisations seeking to develop the capacity and capability of senior managers to contribute to subsidiary boards, joint venture boards, company associated not-for-profit boards and potentially to become an executive director of the corporate entity. 

Complementing existing leadership programs, Board Ready develops senior managers in the application of boardroom behaviours and practices, enabling a pipeline of board-ready executives to be built and assisting large organisations to achieve their diversity objectives.

The Board Ready program is run over five days.

Who should attend?

Each program is offered to several corporate organisations for multiple participants who are at the senior executive level. Participants must have completed the Company Directors Course or the International Company Directors Course to be eligible for the program. These programs should be completed at least 6 months prior to the commencement of Board Ready.

What are the program benefits?

Benefits for the organisation:

• Complements existing leadership programs but is unique in that it is set in the non executive director context and is a blend of technical and experiential learning.
• Assists in developing a pipeline of executives being groomed for or already sitting on subsidiary / joint venture boards (and perhaps seeking a NED portfolio in 5-10 years).
• Diversity goals. Some organisations use Board Ready to enhance the leadership, communication and board skills of female executives

Benefits for the participants:

• An experienced-based understanding of the role of the board and directors
• A strengthened alignment with the board in the appreciation of good governance principles and practice
• A more effective level of board engagement and reporting amongst executives
• Peer-level networking and relationship building

What does the program include?

  • Four simulated board meetings. Participants apply learning in a 'live' situation where they are appointed as board members of a fictional company to provide a real world context. The board meetings are supported by a board mentor, a learning facilitator and a company secretary.
  • A final (AGM) Board Reporting session to demonstrate and test skills development.
  • Comprehensive course materials for each of the following information sessions:
  1. Thinking like a Director
  2. Transitioning to Boardroom Leadership
  3. Board Committees 
  4. Risk Analysis, Investigation and Oversight
  5. The Board's Role in Mergers and Aquisitions
  6. Boardroom Communication Skills
  7. Developing your Director Career

Personal evaluation and critique of boardroom communication skills involving an individual communications coaching session.


Assessment of the Board Ready program has three components:

1. Attendance and contribution to information sessions and board meetings
2. A presentation assessment based on a group presentation at the Board Reporting meeting
3. A two part post program assignment.

Grades to be awarded are Order of Merit (80%+), Pass (65%+). To achieve a Pass 65%+ in all assessment activities must be achieved. To achieve an Order of Merit a final mark of 80%+ in the individual assignment (post program) must be achieved.

Assessment must be completed six weeks after the final session.

To receive an Australian Institute of Company Directors advanced award (Board Ready) participants must achieve at least a Pass. If participants complete the program including the Board Reporting meeting presentation, but not the individual assignment, they may request a letter of attendance.

Members having successfully completed Board Ready and attained the appropriate award, can record this on their CV as:

Australian Institute of Company Directors advanced award (Board Ready) (insert year of completion).

For more information contact Maggie McKelvey, Manager, Corporate Services on 02 8248 8418 or