International Company Directors Course

International Company Directors Course

Directing in a global context

The International Company Directors Course is the only program of its kind that helps you to understand your role and responsibilities when operating internationally. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, issues and opportunities that you will encounter in your global director career.

In this section

  • About the course

    Find out more about the course benefits, who should attend and more.

  • Early bird rates

    We offer a 10% early bird discount on International Company Directors Course.

  • Video: Hear from past particpants

    Find out why people enrolled, how they were challenged and what they learned.

  • Module outlines

    An overview of what the International Company Directors Course will cover

  • Scholarships

    Half-fee scholarships are available for our Singapore, Shanghai and Bali programs.

  • Assessment

    Information on Assessments and Exams, FAQs and troubleshooting

  • Recognition

    Find out more about the advanced standing options available to International Company Directors Course graduates.