Board Meetings

Meeting room door

Do you have a question about the requirements of board meetings? We provide guidance as to the statutory requirements of conducting meetings and filing of minutes, below.

  • Directors Meetings

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    Board meetings are essential to allow the board to consider differing viewpoints before deciding on the best course of action. This Q&A describes the legal requirements of board meetings as well as how to prepare for the meeting, how the meet...

  • Minutes of Directors Meetings

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    Minutes are a crucial part of meeting procedure as they form the official record of the proceedings and resolutions of general meetings and directors’ meetings. This Q&A describes the statutory requirements of minute taking and recording. Wha...

  • General Meetings of Members

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    General meetings are governed in many respects by the Corporations Act 2001. This Q&A explains the legal requirements for valid meetings including the frequency, who may call a meeting, notice of meeting, quorum and chairing. It also explains...

  • IPads and board meetings

    Date: 12 Sep 2011

    Recently questions have arisen about the use of technology (and particularly the iPad) by company directors in board meetings. This has led to renewed discussion on whether notes and annotations made on board papers by directors constitute "recor...