Minutes of Directors' Meetings

  • Date:31 Jan 2013
  • Type:Director Q&A

Minutes are a crucial part of meeting procedure as they form the official record of the proceedings and resolutions of general meetings and directors’ meetings. This Q&A describes the statutory requirements of minute taking and recording. What and what should not be included in the minutes.

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  • What are the Legal Requirements?
  • Who Takes the Minutes?
  • What Goes into Minutes?
  • What Should Not Go Into Minutes?
  • Should Reasons for Decisions Be Recorded?
  • Can Minutes Be Used in Court as Evidence?
  • Do Minutes Have to Be in English?
  • Should Directors Make Their Own Notes of Board Meetings?
  • Should There Be Minutes of 'In Camera' Meetings?
  • Should the Minute Taker Stay for an 'In Camera' Meeting?
  • Should Those Absent Be Able to See the Minutes?

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