Selection and Appointment

Selection and appointment

Do you have a question about how directors are selected and appointed? We provide answers to commonly-asked questions, including how to give consent and make disclosures to ASIC, below.

  • Selecting A New Director

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    A board needs to have a broad mix of skills and experience to be effective. The key goal in selecting directors is to build a mix that can work as a well-rounded team in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. A formal and transparent procedu...

  • Key Competencies for Directors

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    The board is responsible for ensuring that it has represented on it the skills, knowledge and experience needed to effectively steer the company forward. Directors will be appointed to the board because their specific skills, knowledge and experi...

  • Evaluating an Organisation Before Joining

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    Joining any board is an important step regardless of the type of organisation or your level of experience. Yet many directors take this step without sufficient reflection on the possible risks in terms of personal financial liability and reputati...

  • Resignation or Removal of a Director

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    Directors can resign or be removed from office for various reasons. This Q&A describes the legal issues and required process for the removal, resignation or disqualification of company directors in public and proprietary companies. It also co...

  • Succession Planning

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    Succession planning enables an organisation to refresh its leaders in order to continue meeting the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. The aim is to have the right person able to fill the vacancy at the right time so that t...

  • How to Find a Directorship

    Date: 31 Jan 2013

    For the aspiring director, finding a directorship involves creating opportunities. Most directors will start small, usually in the not-for-profit sector. As they gain boardroom experience and build networks, other opportunities will arise. This Q...

  • Appointing a New Director

    Date: 31 Jan 2011

    Periodically a company will have to appoint a new director. In public companies directors are appointed by shareholders. This Q&A will focus on the basic legal requirements for appointing a new director for companies with shareholders operati...