Governance Analysis Tool

Governance Analysis Tool

Improve your board’s effectiveness

As part of our range of services to boards, Company Directors developed the Governance Analysis Tool™ – an external, 'guided' self-assessment to facilitate collective self-reflection by a board of its governance practices.

The tool is a useful, efficient and effective method of focusing attention on the governance system as a whole and identifying the areas the board believes are its strengths and where there are opportunities for improvement. It allows the board to achieve collective clarity on the key levers at its disposal that may contribute to enhanced peformance.

Based on the Corporate Governance Framework™, the Governance Analysis Tool™ is the product of years of development, using knowledge and experience gained from a cross-section of our most senior directors and created with one mission in mind - to build a stronger governance environment for business

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The Sectors

The Governance Analysis Tool™ is based on our proprietary Corporate Governance Framework ™ - a comprehensive structure canvassing board views across the breadth of corporate governance.

The framework is categorised into four distinct areas or quadrants:

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Using the framework, our current service includes options for:

  • Listed
  • Commercial Unlisted (Pty Ltd/Public Unlisted)
  • Not-for-profit
  • Public Sector

We also have reviews suitable for:

  • Co-operative/Mutual organisations
  • Superannuation entitities
  • Board Committees

Should your governance review need to achieve specific outcomes, we can create a review in line with your needs. For more information, please visit our Contacts tab or contact our National Office.