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  • 05 Sep 2014

    Volume 12 Issue 17

    Alarming global employment shortages revealed, What’s the purpose of a strategic plan?, Speak up for tax reform, Rural women recognised with inaugural scholarships, Has the AGM reached its use-by date?, Issuance underwriting fees skyrocket, Small business advocate...

    Content Type: The Boardroom Report

  • 01 Jul 2014

    Visiting the frontline

    High-performing boards are well informed boards. Robyn Weatherley believes that getting out of the boardroom to see your organisation’s operations is a must for every director. The calendar demands on today’s directors, particularly on those holding multiple appointments, is much great...

    Content Type: CDM Article

  • 01 Jun 2014

    Boards under fire

    Tony Featherstone provides a snapshot of eight key issues for boards to consider as they prepare for this year’s AGM season. On a scale of fiery annual general meeting (AGM) seasons, this year’s is expected to have moderate heat compared to the boilovers after the global financial cris...

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  • 01 Aug 2013

    Risk and remuneration

    Dr Ulysses Chioatto outlines the risk and remuneration issues directors should address ahead of the fast-approaching AGM season. The "two-strikes" rule is now well entrenched and this year’s annual general meeting (AGM) season will soon be upon us, with some holding their br...

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  • 01 Jul 2013

    Wave goodbye to a show of hands

    John M Green argues that voting by a show of hands is long outmoded. The 2013 annual general meeting (AGM) season approaches. This year, let’s show the door to the show of hands. AGMs are far too important to leave to this antiquated, easily manipulated and sometimes theatrical voting met...

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  • 01 Jun 2013

    Preparing for a successful AGM

    With the AGM season fast approaching, Company Directors has updated a vital guide to help directors prepare, convene and conduct efficient and effective annual general meetings. The annual general meeting (AGM) is one of the key events on the corporate calendar. It is a mechanism for keepin...

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  • 01 Jun 2013

    Shareholders, wherefore art thou?

    John M Green suggests ways to lure shareholders back to annual general meetings. An astonishing 99.8 per cent of shareholders steer clear of attending Australian annual general meetings (AGMs). That’s because we cram them with stuff they’ve already heard and we don’t tell them what they r...

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  • 01 Feb 2013

    Policy Update

    Rob Elliott outlines some of Company Directors’ policy priorities for the year ahead. To kick off the New Year, I thought it appropriate to outline some of our policy priorities for the year ahead. These priorities reflect our conversations with you, as well as with divisional representat...

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  • 31 Jan 2013

    General Meetings of Members

    General meetings are governed in many respects by the Corporations Act 2001. This Q&A explains the legal requirements for valid meetings including the frequency, who may call a meeting, notice of meeting, quorum and chairing. It also explains the principles and rules of annual general meetings. ...

    Content Type: Director Q and A

  • 21 Dec 2012

    Submission on AGM and Shareholder Engagement

    On 21 December 2012, the Australian Institute of Company Directors provided a submission to the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC) in response to its consultation paper The AGM and Shareholder Engagement. Our submission stated that despite falling attendance by shareholders in r...

    Content Type: Policy Submission