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  • 21 Jan 2003

    2003 Media Release: Australia ahead on corporate governance reform

    Australia ahead on corporate governance reform: directors Corporate governance reforms for United Kingdom-listed companies released yesterday in The Review of the Role and Effectiveness of Non-Executive Directors Report mirror the best practices endorsed by corporate Australia says Australian Institute of C...

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  • 11 May 2005

    AICD National Conference Corporate Australia urged to face the facts about our ageing population

    Perth, Wednesday May 11: Leader of the Positive Ageing Foundation of Australia (Inc), Rhonda Parker, has called on corporate Australia to tackle the country's shrinking labour force and growing national health bill to avoid a social and economic crisis.Speaking at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Ann...

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  • 22 Aug 2005

    Survey Reveals Not All Risk Management Frameworks Are Embedded in Australian Companies

    Tuesday, 23 August 2005. The majority of Australian companies have taken positive steps to formalising risk management practices and are implementing robust risk management frameworks. However, more work needs to be done in terms of strengthening the "softer" elements of these frameworks in areas such as corporat...

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  • 07 Nov 2007

    Company directors should control executive remuneration

    Executive remuneration should remain a matter for judgement by a company’s board, supported by open communication with shareholders, the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Chief Executive Officer Mr Ralph Evans said today. “Directors recognise that determining executive remuneration is a...

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  • 11 Jul 2014

    John Brogden appointed CEO and managing director of Company Directors

    The Australian Institute of Company Directors is pleased to announce that John Brogden AM MAICD has been appointed as its new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. John, who will take up the role early next year, succeeds John H C Colvin, who is stepping down after six years at the helm of Company Direct...

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  • 02 Jun 2009

    AICD says draft termination payments legislation is unworkable

    The Federal Government’s draft legislation on executive termination payments will have unintended consequences and practical difficulties that render it unworkable in its current form, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) says.In its submission to the Federal Treasury on the Exposure Dra...

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  • 12 Feb 2009

    AICD issues new Guidelines for Boards on Executive Remuneration

    The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) has called on company boards to critically assess their approach to executive remuneration.The Global Financial Crisis has highlighted the difficulties faced by listed company boards in setting appropriate executive remuneration structures and incenti...

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  • 02 Jun 2009

    AICD submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into regulation of executive remuneration

    Heavy-handed regulation is not the answer to public concerns about excessive executive pay packets, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) has said in its submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into regulation of director and executive remuneration.While recognising that some ...

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  • 26 Oct 2010

    Scholarship program for women open to applications

    The Australian Institute of Company Directors today announced the opening of applications for a new scholarship program aimed at helping to lift the representation of women on Australian boards. Over 70 scholarships will be awarded to high performing board-ready women, giving them th...

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  • 14 Mar 2013

    Submission to Treasury on Corporations Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

    On 14 March 2013 the Australian Institute of Company Directors provided a submission to Treasury in response to their exposure draft, Corporations Legislation Amendment (Remuneration Disclosure and Other Measures) Bill 2012 (Exposure Draft). This Exposure Draft dealt with amongst other things, changes to the ...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 08 Nov 2007

    PJC Inquiry into Shareholder Engagement and Participation

    This submission comments on the PJC inquiry into Shareholder engagement and participation. Updated:16/4/08 with PJC transcript 22/5/08 with responses to questions on notice Cover Letter for PJC Inquiry into shareh...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 03 Mar 2004

    Large Business and Tax Compliance

    “Questions to be asked of tax advisors to assist boards in assessing and managing tax risks for corporations” 3 March 2004To The Commissioner of Taxation Mr Michael CarmodyCommissioner of TaxationPO Box 900 Civic SquareCANBERRA ACT 2608 Dear Mr Carmody, Larg...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 01 May 2000

    Executive Share and Option Scheme Guidelines

    NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN SUPERCEDED BY A REVISED POSITION PAPER RELEASED IN FEBRUARY 2007 DATE: May 2000 Executive Share and Option Scheme Guidelines Endorsed byAustralian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)Investment & Financial Ser...

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 22 Oct 2008

    Position paper no 13 Executive termination payments

    This position paper sets out some of AICD's views on executive termination payments and identifies some issues for boards to consider. The paper draws together comments previously made by AICD on the subject.  Position paper no 13 - Executive termination payments 

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 06 May 2008

    Position paper no 8 NonRecourse Loans Provided to Executives

    This position paper sets out some of AICD's views on companies providing non-recourse loans to executives for the purpose of funding share purchases. AICD considers that such loans do not typically represent "best" corporate governance practice, however  it does not support a legislative prohibition on their ...

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 07 Sep 2001

    TwoTiered Boards

    Date: 7-9-2001 "TWO-TIERED" BOARDSIn response to recent corporate collapses, the concept "two-tiered" boards has again been raised. The concept proposes two boards with a "management" board running the company and a "supervisory governance" board comprised of non-executive directors with governance f...

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  • 01 Jan 2001

    Where To From Here

    GOVERNANCE, ETHICS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY - WHERE TO FROM HERE ? Ian Dunlop, CEO, Australian Institute of Company Directors Two simple factors provide a rational explanation for current executive remuneration increases, but do little to address the deeper, more contentious issues now being thrown up abou...

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 23 Feb 2006

    Greaves case responsibiliites and liabilities

    This position paper sets out what the AICD believes to represent the expectations of the corporate community in Australia as to the responsibilities and liabilities of a company chairman. It places the Greaves case in context, outlines the role of the chairman, comments on the question of liability and refers to ...

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  • 01 Apr 2015


    Lifting board performance How can chairmen use the board review process to take their board to the next level in performance and contribution? Which questions might they ask in a time-efficient manner that will provide the best insights to take the most effective steps?These are questions that Dr Vince Murdoch, ...

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  • 01 Apr 2015

    A unified vision

    Commercial acumen and mutual respect have helped set the foundations for the young but successful relationship of UNICEF Australia’s chief executive officer and its president, writes Angela Faherty. International humanitarian organisation, UNICEF, works in more than 190 countries to promote and protect t...

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