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  • 30 Sep 2009

    Feature The black white and grey of conflicts of interest

    Most directors will face a conflict of interest at some time in their careers. Domini Stuart investigates how they could arise and how they should be handled. The black, white and grey of conflicts of interest Key Points Most directors will face a conflict of interest at some po...

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  • 31 Jan 2005

    Demystifying the risks and rewards Management Buyouts

    Directors are increasingly faced with the opportunity and risks of participating within, or approving, MBOs. Jeremy A. Samuel and Nicholas Humphrey provide a general overview of management buyouts particularly from a director’s perspectiveDemystifying the risks and rewards Directors are increasingly faced with t...

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  • 31 Oct 2006

    Management Buyouts

    Charles Beelaerts examines some issues for directors who are faced with an offer by management to take over the company. In particular directors must be aware of potential conflicts of interest. The in and outs of management buy-outs A management buy-out (MBO) is an arrangement whe...

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  • 31 Jul 2010

    Inside Your Institute Conflicts of interest Aug10

    Our new e-learning course, Conflicts of Interest, will help you to understand and manage them. Conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest are best thought of as an ethical problem with legal ramifications rather than a strictly legal iss...

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  • 31 Mar 2007

    Conflicts of Interest

    Takeover offers often give rise to significant conflicts of interest for senior management. Colin Galbraith examines the issues these situations give rise to for directors. Changing control can cause conflicts Conflicts of interest and duty affecting directors and senior management in corporations h...

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  • Directors’ Briefing: Setting up a board: When is the right time?

    • Understand the Family and their goals. Having made the decision to take on external Board leadership-the Family have demonstrated they are hungry to learn. The successful candidate should use all their business experience and learnings-good and bad-to enhance the Family’s knowledge of business strate...

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  • Directors’ Briefing: Corporate Disclosure – Directors’ Dilemma

    Examine draft announcements "with a fresh pair of eyes", remembering that your audience will not be as deeply involved with the business issues as those who draft the announcements. Ensure that you involve the right people in preparing an announcement, so that you get the technical details r...

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  • Directors Briefing: Industrial Relations back on the board agenda

    • Ensure you have access to skilled IR professionals • Understand the level of IR risk in your business • Understand if you have an IR strategy and, if so, what it is • If high risk business – seek information on how management is mitigating/managing the risk • Be clear abou...

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  • 03 May 2007

    Resignations or removal of directors

    This position paper addresses issues associated with director resignations and removals. A director is appointed by the shareholders of the company and can only be removed by those shareholders. Circumstances can arise which lead a director to consider resigning from the board. The decision to do so i...

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  • Due Diligence for Directors - Managing Personal and Financial Risks

    The foundation of your due diligence will usually involve a number of meetings with the key parties. Letter of Offer is the bare minimum that you require and this should absolutely cover the D&O arrangements. Always run contracts past your lawyer – corporate lawyer just as good as an emp...

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  • The Role of the Non Executive Director in Strategy

    Embrace the executive directors on your board - their day-to-day knowledge of the organisation can provide invaluable context to issues. For new board positions recognise the time commitment it takes to gain an appropriate level of understanding of the business - the learning curve can be very steep, e...

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  • In sync, the CEO and chair relationship

    Directors' Briefing: In sync, the CEO and chair relationship • Understand the importance of context for each individual as it relates to the how the CEO and the chairman relationship came together at the start. • Articulate the likely points of contention in the responsibilities of both roles ...

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  • 01 Mar 2014

    Draft your pleadings with care

    Professor Bob Baxt reviews a recent court case that highlights why it is vital to draft your pleadings carefully to obtain the best outcome when a breach of duty or the oppression remedy can be established. Often when corporate disputes occur, especially when family companies are involved, allegations are mad...

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  • 30 Nov 2006


    With the legal and business environment changing rapidly, directors need to continually update their knowledge concerning their legal duties and responsibilities. Here is a quick test to determine whether you need a refresher course on current director duties and responsibilities. 20 questions to tes...

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  • 30 Apr 2006

    Your say

    Letters to the editor Your March magazine noted the paper released by the Business Coalition for Tax Reform (BCTR) titled Personal Income Tax Reform. I reviewed both the paper and the BCTR’s web site and was disappointed at the narrowness of vision presented, particularly as the BCTR claims to so broadly...

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  • Directors Briefing: Directing for Digital Disruption

    The next wave is intelligent software Software revolution - Web services and products have become so evolved, cheap and ubiquitous that they can easily be combined and recombined. The likely impact has seen additional GDP growth of 30% and productivity of 50%, and major disruption to legacy business m...

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  • 31 Oct 2005

    the audit chairs auxiliary internal auditors

    The audit chair’s auxiliary – internal auditors   By Ali Cromie*   Board audit committees are turning to internal auditors for assurance that internal control systems meet the higher standard of accountability demanded of organisations operating in today’s rigorous governance environment.Director do...

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  • 30 Jun 2009

    Conference CDC 2009 Lessons from the corporate battlefield

    Three battle-scarred directors gave delegates at the Company Directors Conference 2009 in Cairns in June some pointers on how to navigate past common boardroom landmines. Zilla Efrat reports. Lessons from the corporate battlefield Patricia Cross Non-executive dir...

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  • 30 Jun 2006

    Conflicts of interest

    Potential conflicts of interest are bound to occur in the professional lives of many directors. As Helen McCombie points out, there are both legal and ethical issues to consider when managing these situations. Interesting legal and ethical conflicts for directors “If everybody with a perceived confl...

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  • 30 Sep 2006

    Spoken Word

    As the responsibilities of company directors come under increased scrutiny, Middletons’ partner Adam Levine says ‘grey directors’ need to ensure all the checks and balances are in place if they are involved with the operations of a traditional special purpose vehicle. Grey directors need to serve two m...

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