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  • e-Learning: Conflicts of Interest

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  • 17 Jan 2007

    Directors need to know their obligations during boom times

    Director ConflictsDirectors warned to exercise caution during boom times Directors need to know their obligations during boom times Directors of Australia’s listed companies need to exercise caution and to pay particular attention to their corporate governance proc...

    Content Type: Media Release

  • 04 Dec 2009

    Directors welcome new ASX share trading rules

    The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) today welcomed proposals from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on share trading by company directors and key management personnel.While a less prescriptive “if not, why not” approach, with guidelines enshrined in the ASX Corporate Governance P...

    Content Type: Media Release

  • 30 Jul 2009

    Director trading recommendations present some concerns

    Implementing recommendations to ban director share trading within arbitrary blackout periods and force disclosure of director margin loans could have a detrimental impact on the important alignment between the interests of directors and investors, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) sai...

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  • Directors’ Briefing: Setting up a board: When is the right time?

    • Understand the Family and their goals. Having made the decision to take on external Board leadership-the Family have demonstrated they are hungry to learn. The successful candidate should use all their business experience and learnings-good and bad-to enhance the Family’s knowledge of business strate...

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  • The Role of the Non Executive Director in Strategy

    Embrace the executive directors on your board - their day-to-day knowledge of the organisation can provide invaluable context to issues. For new board positions recognise the time commitment it takes to gain an appropriate level of understanding of the business - the learning curve can be very steep, e...

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  • Due Diligence for Directors - Managing Personal and Financial Risks

    The foundation of your due diligence will usually involve a number of meetings with the key parties. Letter of Offer is the bare minimum that you require and this should absolutely cover the D&O arrangements. Always run contracts past your lawyer – corporate lawyer just as good as an emp...

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  • Directors’ Briefing: Corporate Disclosure – Directors’ Dilemma

    Examine draft announcements "with a fresh pair of eyes", remembering that your audience will not be as deeply involved with the business issues as those who draft the announcements. Ensure that you involve the right people in preparing an announcement, so that you get the technical details r...

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  • Directors Briefing: Industrial Relations back on the board agenda

    • Ensure you have access to skilled IR professionals • Understand the level of IR risk in your business • Understand if you have an IR strategy and, if so, what it is • If high risk business – seek information on how management is mitigating/managing the risk • Be clear abou...

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  • Directors Briefing: Directing for Digital Disruption

    The next wave is intelligent software Software revolution - Web services and products have become so evolved, cheap and ubiquitous that they can easily be combined and recombined. The likely impact has seen additional GDP growth of 30% and productivity of 50%, and major disruption to legacy business m...

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  • 20 Jul 2012

    Submission to APRA on draft prudential standards for superannuation

    This submission to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is in response to the draft prudential standards for superannuation and APRA’s “Response to Submissions”, which were released on 27 April 2012. In the submission, we focus on particular issues in the following gove...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 21 Sep 2012

    Submission to ASIC on Managing Conflicts of Interest in Litigation Schemes

    This submission to ASIC is in relation to Consultation Paper 185 – Managing Conflicts of Interest in Litigation and Proof of Debt Schemes. Company Directors has previously voiced concerns about the impact of complex class action litigation on companies, directors and Australia’s productivity. In summar...

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  • 06 Jan 2005

    Multiple Directorships

    Much of the media discussion of multiple directorships has been based on the assumption that the issue is widespread and the consequences are invariably undesirable. I would like to suggest an alternative view. Recent Australian research shows that only three out of every 100 directors hold three or more conc...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 28 Sep 2007

    Governance for APRAregulated institutions

    This submission comments on APRA's proposed amendments affecting independence, conflicts of interest, board renewal and other matters. Governance For APRA regulated Institutions_Letter Governance For APRA Regulated Institutions

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 13 Apr 2007

    Insider Participation in Control Transactions

    AICD have made comments on three areas raised in the Takeovers Panel's issues paper, Insider participation in control transactions , addressing potential conflicts of interest and provision of information to potential rival bidders. A common thread to our views is that prescriptive rules are not appro...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 15 Nov 2010

    Submission on Medicare Locals Discussion Paper on Governance and Functions

     On 15 November 2010, the Australian Institute of Company Directors wrote to the Department of Health and Ageing in response to a Discussion Paper “Medicare Locals - Discussion Paper on Governance and Functions”. The submission set out our views on various governance aspects of Medicare Locals. In par...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 18 Mar 2004

    CLERP 9 Parliamentary Joint Committee Public Hearing

    1. CLERP (Audit Reform & Corporate Disclosure) Bill 2003 (17/11/2003) CLERP (Audit Reform & Corporate Disclosure) Bill 2003 Submission to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services 2. CLER...

    Content Type: Policy Submission

  • 31 Jan 2002

    General Protocol for Company Directors

    This protocol, in general terms, outlines the principal legal duties (obligations) of company directors.AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF COMPANY DIRECTORS GENERAL PROTOCOL FOR COMPANY DIRECTORSThis protocol, in general terms, outlines the principal legal duties (obligations) of company directors.It does not cover all of t...

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 22 Jan 2007

    Directors obligations during boom time activity

    This paper has been prepared to examine the major issues and responsibilities of directors during a phase of the market where there is substantial M&A activity and private equity investment. It contains views and background material prepared by AICD.Read the position paper and associated media release in the ...

    Content Type: Position Paper

  • 04 May 2007

    Resignations or removal of directors

    This position paper addresses issues associated with director resignations and removals. A director is appointed by the shareholders of the company and can only be removed by those shareholders. Circumstances can arise which lead a director to consider resigning from the board. The decision to do so i...

    Content Type: Position Paper