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  • Directors' Cut Lunch: The Governance of Sport (featuring Mike Hussey and a panel of Sport Directors)

    Content Type: Event

    Today’s sporting directors have a range of duties and responsibilities that go well beyond the need to win games and achieve sporting excellence. The board plays a critical role in driving the organisations strategy and demonstrating transparency, accountability and responsibility in all act...

  • Role of the Chairman

    Content Type: Director Q and A

    31 Jan 2013

    The chair acts as an important link between the board and the CEO/company. The role of the chair is not defined in the Corporations Act 2001. Thus many functions of the chair are customary rather than formalised by law. This Q&A outlines the role and responsibilities of the chairman both inside ...

  • Appraisal of the CEO

    Content Type: Director Q and A

    31 Jan 2013

    The board has the responsibility of assessing the performance of the CEO and has a vested interest in ensuring the CEO is effective. This Q&A explains the process of how to conduct an appraisal, how often they should be carried out and other considerations to take into account to ensure a good r...

  • Feature Directorship in cyberspace

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Sep 2010

    Directors have much to gain by using new technologies, but as Domini Stuart reports, they also need to be aware of the many risks. Directorship in cyberspace As conference centre manager at Brisbane Technology Park, Kellie Heiler is very aware of the changing role of technology ...

  • Featherstone The growing REM headache

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 May 2010

    Tony Featherstone reports on how problematic executive remuneration is becoming for directors. The growing REM headache The executive pay debate has focused mostly on the link between CEO pay and performance and board effectiveness in setting appropriate remu...

  • Interview QA with Howard McDonald

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Mar 2010

    Q&A with Howard McDonald On a muggy Melbourne morning, Howard McDonald MAICD arrives just in time for his interview with Company Director. The Myer Holdings chairman had been in meetings about the proposed café for Myer’s soon-to-be redeveloped flagship store. “I want the food offering to be bu...

  • National human rights consultation

    Content Type: Policy Submission

    12 Jun 2009

    AICD welcomes the opportunity to participate in the National Human Rights Consultation. The protection and promotion of human rights is a question of national importance for all Australians. We have focussed our comments on those matters relating to directors including the personal liability of dire...

  • Submission to Inquiry into the governance of NSW universities

    Content Type: Policy Submission

    18 Feb 2009

    NSW Inquiry into University Governance

  • Green s Piece Asleep at the wheel Sep 08

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Sep 2008

    John M Green praises the dumb question. Asleep at the wheel “The idiots were simply asleep at the wheel!” When a company lurches into crisis, as too many have lately, many critics pelt the drivers with similar invective. Caustic criticism is often warranted.Yet, it’s rare for those a...

  • Government Sector

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Nov 2006

    Many government enterprises are now operating in competitive business environments. As Kevin Forde discovered, in order to survive they have had to change their public service mentality, retrain their staff, and get closer to their customers. Breaking down bureaucracy If you read the annual re...

  • CEO Report

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Aug 2006

    Boards share equal and collective responsibility Jeff Lucy, the chairman of ASIC, is someone who commands a good deal of respect at AICD. However, we disagree profoundly with him with regard to his views on the Greaves case, expressed in a letter to the Australian Financial Review on 30 May. (A ful...

  • Counterpoint

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Jul 2006

    Steven Cole takes issue with the concept that the chairman is the first among equals – particularly if fellow directors take advantage of a safe harbour defence. First among equals or first in line? Those who contributed to Chairman of the Board – A Role in the Spotlight must be congrat...

  • ceo report clarity simplicity and performance

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Apr 2006

      Clarity, simplicity and performance For business, the turn of the century was a giant rolling wave. It welled up with the first internet boom in the 1990s and then came crashing down over us with the collapses of HIH and Enron, and other disasters around the world. Inevitably, there followed ...

  • Greaves case responsibiliites and liabilities

    Content Type: Position Paper

    23 Feb 2006

    This position paper sets out what the AICD believes to represent the expectations of the corporate community in Australia as to the responsibilities and liabilities of a company chairman. It places the Greaves case in context, outlines the role of the chairman, comments on the question of liability ...

  • the director duties debate

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Sep 2005

      The director duties debate There is ongoing discussion on director duties and how far they should extend. Bill Beerworth* puts a new twist on an old debate   Generations of lawyers have been taught that directors must discharge their duties in the interests of the corporation. This in t...

  • The right stuff AICD Review

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Aug 2005

    Wondering what it takes to join the exclusive group of scholarship holders to AICD’s International Company Director’s Course? Pamela Murray-Jones consulted an inaugural winner - though the meeting was an exercise in logistics... The right stuff Wondering what it takes to join the exclusi...

  • Holistic responsibility CEO Report

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Jun 2005

    We have said earlier that the duties of directors are well defined in the law and don’t need change. Let’s consider some consequences of the duties. Directors have a collective responsibility for the company as a whole. Shareholders put the fate of their company in directors’ hands. Through the CEO ...

  • Is the chair a hot seat Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Apr 2005

    If the chairman of the board has more responsibilities than other directors then does it also follow that he has greater liability if things go wrong? It is a question many chairmen are asking themselves. Andrew Lumsden* tries to chart a path through this potential minefield. Good Corporate Governa...

  • Managing the obligations Risk Management

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 May 2004

    Are you a company director concerned about your governance and compliance obligations, and unsure how much you have to do to fulfil them? Managing the obligations Following the paper trail – How safe is it to rely on those management sign-offs? asks Jon Tyers* Are you a company director co...

  • the stragetic board The strategic board

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Mar 2004

    Corporate commentators are today virtually unanimous in their view that corporate boards are responsible for oversight of corporate mission, objectives and strategic direction. Indeed the phrase “the strategic board” has been coined to epitomise the mission-focussed and strategically-oriented board....