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  • Role of the Audit Committee

    Content Type: Director Q and A

    04 Feb 2014

    The audit committee plays a key role in assisting the board to fulfil its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to a company’s financial reporting, internal control systems, risk management systems and the internal and external audit functions. This Q&A covers who has a...

  • What to Consider Before Approving Financial Statements

    Content Type: Director Q and A

    31 Jan 2013

    Companies have a legal responsibility to keep written financial records and to regularly report to members their financial performance and position. This Q&A suggests what questions to ask before approving financial statements. Login to find answers to What are the Specific Questions to ...

  • Financial Reporting Requirements

    Content Type: Director Q and A

    31 Jan 2013

    Companies are required to comply with many provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 for financial reporting. This Q&A runs through the requirements for financial reports, the key documents required, financial statements, the Director’s Report and half year financial report. Login to find answ...

  • Keeping the books in shape in 2013

    Content Type: CDM Article

    01 Dec 2012

    Andrew Griffiths identifies some of the key challenges audit and risk committees may face in 2013. As continuing economic volatility converges with sweeping regulatory change and an expanded focus on financial reporting, directors on audit and risk committees are likely to experience even...