Business Deregulation: A call to action

  • Date:31 Jul 2012
  • Type:Policy Paper
The Australian Institute of Company Directors (Company Directors) has released a Working Paper – Business Deregulation: A call to action, which examines Australia’s current regulatory framework and sets out three critical components of regulatory reform.

These components are:

  • A comprehensive and structural review of all regulatory and administrative requirements.
  • Commonwealth, State and Territory government reviews of their respective processes for making, reviewing and removing regulations.
  • Improved interaction and consultation between regulators and businesses.

Other recommendations made in this paper include changes to regulation impact assessments, a requirement to frequently review regulations to ensure they continue to meet their intended objectives and the need for a coherent, whole-of-government approach to regulatory reform.

The discussion paper is divided into seven parts, including:

  • An examination of red tape.
  • A review of previous deregulation initiatives.
  • Consideration of current issues.
  • A framework for regulatory review.
  • A framework for the development of new regulations.  
  • Discussion of necessary changes to the current regulatory approach.
  • Consideration of ‘Where to from here’. 

The Working Paper has been prepared by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Download the Working Paper, Business Deregulation: A call to action (PDF 2MB)

Interested parties are invited to comment on the discussion Working Ppaper, particularly in relation to the set of questions in the supporting document, Business Deregulation: A call to action Discussion Document.  Submissions may be cited in future versions of our Deregulation paper.  If you wish for your submission to remain confidential, please advise this clearly when lodging your submission.

Download the supporting document, Business Deregulation: A call to action Discussion Document (PDF 108 KB) 

Details for lodging a submission are as follows:

Address to:  Mr Rob Elliott 
                  General Manager, Policy
                  The Australian Institute of Company Directors
                  Level 30, 20 Bond St 
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Closing date:  Friday, 2 November 2012, 5.00pm AEST

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