Audit Committees: A Guide To Good Practice 2nd edition

Audit Committees 2nd Edition

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An independent audit committee is a fundamental component of good corporate governance. Its objectives and responsibilities are clearly defined and documented in its charter, and it operates under the delegation of authority from the board

This second edition recognises changes in the governance landscape and also makes reference to ASIC v Healey (2011), an important recent case, which re-emphasised director duties to the company in relation to its financial statements.

This guide is primarily for directors and audit committees of Australian listed companies. However, directors, boards of management and audit committees of not-for-profit, public sector, and other private sector entities, may also find this guide to be a useful reference.

Audit Committees: A guide to good practice is a joint publication from the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, Australian Institute of Company Directors and The Institute of Internal Auditors-Australia.

Edition clarification: the 2nd edition is the most current edition of Audit Committees and was released in August, 2012. The mention of "3rd edition" in a previous catalogue was in error.