The Boardroom Report

Volume 13 | Issue 13 |  8 July 2015


Australia’s future workforce

CEDA has just released its major research report Australia’s future workforce? which focuses on the jobs and skills required to ensure the nation’s  economy continues to grow and diversify.

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Also in this issue

  • Senate passes ESS laws

    The Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson is “pleased to see the Senate pass new laws to improve employee share schemes and provide the start-up sector with a massive boost”. 

  • Gender diversity pushed higher

    The Tasmanian Government has moved to increase the number of women on government boards and committees by setting a target of 50 per cent by July 2020.

  • ASIC releases impairment guidance

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has released information to assist directors in considering the value of non-financial assets as shown in company financial reports.

  • A global diversity perspective

    Deloitte has released its latest edition of Women in the boardroom - A global perspective, outlining the efforts of 49 countries to increase the number of women on boards.

  • Rules matter

    Innovation is more effective with constraints, despite arguments to the contrary, according to a report by McKinsey & Company.

  • To tender or not

    There is a general sense, according to University of Sydney’s Professor David Hensher, that society is better off if contracts are put out to tender.  Is this still the case if the incumbent is satisfying requirements?

  • Copyright Agency’s new CEO

    Adam Suckling has been appointed as chief executive officer of Australian rights management and licensing organisation, the
 Copyright Agency.