The Boardroom Report

Volume 12 | Issue 7 | 16 April 2014

Seven myths of CEO succession

Governance experts from Stanford University and The Miles Group reveal a number of broad misunderstandings about CEO transitions and how ready boards really are for this major change. 

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Also in this issue

  • Internal audit function to lift smaller company governance

    A new requirement for listed entities to disclose whether they have an internal audit function will deliver a long overdue boost to the governance standards of around 1,800 Australian companies.

  • SMEs are sitting on the fence

    A new survey suggests that many SMEs are sitting on cash and primed for growth, but haven’t yet seen that bit of magic in the economy that would give them the confidence to spend or invest.

  • Keeping up with changes at registered organisations

    Directors and officers of registered organisations (ROs) are advised to ensure they are up to date with changes to the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

  • Why your shadow is important

    A new model, aimed at boosting diversity, is based on the premise that leadership starts at the top and if leaders want to make a difference, they must understand the shadow they cast.