The Boardroom Report

Volume 13 | Issue 17 | 2 September 2015

Long-term game for Asia

There is a lack of understanding about the long-term nature of doing business in Asia, according to a prominent Australian director.

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Also in this issue

  • Cyber-risk key concern for NFPs

    The findings from a US study by the National Association of Corporate Directors have found strategic planning and cyber-security risk are key issues for many NFP organisations.

  • APRA reveals review submissions

    Boards of banks, building societies and credit unions, as well as general insurers and life companies, to be provided with greater clarity on their requirements and responsibilities, says APRA.

  • Institutional investors and growth

    Institutional investors should act to curb corporate short-termism, according to influential US think tank, the Brookings Institution.

  • Unlocking $49.2bn for SMEs

    Australian small businesses can unlock an additional $49.2 billion in output over the next ten years by making better use of existing technology, says PwC.

  • Return of zero-base budgeting

    Zero-based budgeting, a novel concept in the 1970s, has resurfaced as a tool to build a culture of cost management, according to a McKinsey & Co article.

  • Perpetual awards $6.2m to NFPs

    Investment firm Perpetual has announced the recipients of its new IMPACT Philanthropy Partnership program.

  • Cairns steps in as Woolworths chair

    Former Lion Nathan chief Gordon Cairns yesterday commenced with Woolworths as chairman and a non-executive director (NED).