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News on Tasmanian Divisional Council

In accordance with Divisional Council By-Laws, Jo Archer FAICD and Diane Tompson FAICD stood down from their Council positions and chose to re-nominate at the July 2013 Council election. There being no other nominations, Jo and Diane were re-elected.

The three year term of the Divisional President, Mr Derris Gillam FAICD concludes on 30 September. The Tasmanian Division Council has elected Mr Rod Roberts FAICD as its new Divisional President commencing on 1 October 2013.

Your Divisional Council (as of 1 October 2013)

  • Jo Archer FAICD
  • Heather Chong FAICD
  • Ann Cunningham FAICD
  • Derris Gillam FAICD
  • John Gilbert FAICD
  • James Groom GAICD
  • Janine Healey MAICD
  • Colin Jackson FAICD
  • Rod Roberts FAICD (President)
  • Diane Tompson FAICD

The Role of the Council

The Tasmanian Division of the Australian Institute of Company Directors has a Tasmanian Council to assist in guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division. The Council also approves all membership applications and subsequent upgrades of membership.

The role of the Council is defined in Article 9.3 of our Constitution. To give effect to that role, the objectives of the Councils are:
A. To provide advice to the Australian Institute of Company Directors Board and CEO on :
I, Policy matters affecting the role of directors
II, Australian Institute of Company Directors membership matters
III, The strategy and policies of the Australian Institute of Company Directors itself and management issues that may arise from time to time.

B. To administer the membership of the Division, approving new members and upgrades.

C. To represent the views and aspirations of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in the Division’s territory and to develop relationships with leaders in directorship, regulation and politics who reside or are active in the territory.

D. To support the Division Manager with regard to :
I, Events
II, Member service, member recruitment and retention and member grade matters
III, The general conduct of the Division, including Director and Board Development programs

Council Procedures

A Council consists of at least five and not more than ten members elected by the members of the Division. Each Council elects a President who serves for a period of up to three years at the discretion of the Council. Each Council also appoints one of its members, usually the Division President, to the Australian Institute of Company Directors board for a period of up to three years.
One third of Council members retire each year, although a retiring member may be eligible for re-election. The maximum time a Council member may serve is nine years, or three terms if less.

For more information on the role of the Council and it’s directive please view our by-laws.