Preparing for end of initial DPD foundation years


If you joined us prior to December 2013, you have until your renewal date in 2016 to accrue at least 60 DPD units in that time-frame. This is known as your DPD foundation period. We recommend you aim for at least 20 units per year.

We will ask you to confirm that you have fulfilled our mandatory DPD requirements upon renewal of membership from December 2015 onwards. To check when your DPD foundation period ends please log in to the member area of our website.

Following the initial three-year DPD foundation period from 2013, you are required to maintain at least 60 DPD units on a rolling three-year basis.


From February 2016, we will select a small number of members each year to determine whether, at the time of auditing, the relevant member fulfilled their mandatory DPD requirement.

If you have completed 60 DPD units of activity through us which is recorded automatically, you will have fulfilled the audit requirements and will require no further action.

If you have undertaken DPD activity through a third party or which cannot be verified through us, you will be contacted by an AICD representative who will assist you in the process for providing your evidence of that activity as proof of participation. They will also assist you with identifying activities that will best suit your professional development pathway that will attract DPD units.

In the event that you have not met your DPD requirement, under your current membership level there will be a 'period of grace' with the opportunity to make good your DPD deficit plus maintain your 60 DPD unit obligation prior to your next member renewal. Your dedicated members and directors executive manager will provide you with extra support to plan your professional development pathway during this time. You have a one-off period of grace. You will be subject to a compliance audit prior to renewal.

A member who cannot demonstrate compliance after the period of grace has lapsed, will be able to renew their membership at the Affiliate level.

For more information about DPD, please contact us.