What is the Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework?

The Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework™ (‘Framework’) outlines the practices (skills, attributes and expertise) that comprise good director practice. The Framework was developed in consultation with an expert panel of leading directors, our members and through a review of international governance and director guidelines and reports.

It applies not only to directors, but also to executives, whose support in working with their boards is a vital component in the system of corporate and organisational governance.There are also aspects of the Framework which are important to small businesses that may or may not have a formal corporate governance structure or board. 

The Framework also serves as a tool that underpins our Director Professional Development (DPD) system. It enables members to:

  • Consider their contribution to the achievement of excellence and continuous improvement in governance 
  • Identify areas of opportunity for professional development, or help / mentor others seeking to extend their skills and capabilities.

The Framework is designed as a “wheel” with four quadrants depicting the four areas of focus and engagement applying to board and director practice: Individual, Board, Organisational and Stakeholder.

Each quadrant is divided into a number of slices representing the practices essential to the quadrant focus. The Framework provides the basis for a common language regarding director, governance and performance practices. We have developed tools to enable both members to assess their individual capabilities and enable organisations to analyse their system of governance.

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