Reviewing Your Board

Reviewing Your Board

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No individual or team can expect to improve without obtaining regular feedback on their performance. Boards of directors are no exception and an effective board performance evaluation is an invaluable tool in improving your board’s performance. An effective evaluation process can be designed to address the performance of the board as a whole, the chair, individual directors, board committees and other governance support staff. Such reviews are widely recommended in various governance standards, by contemporary writers on corporate governance and by leading practitioner organisations, such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

There is a wide range of considerations in undertaking these evaluations. For example, what aspects of the board activities should be reviewed; how frequently should such evaluations take place; should they be conducted internally or by an external party; who should be evaluated; by whom; how does a board bring about change resulting from an evaluation and how does the organisation communicate the results?

Geoff Kiel and Gavin Nicholson authored a widely-used book addressing these and other questions over a decade ago. Now joined by two colleagues, James Beck and Jennifer Tunny, who also have extensive experience in board evaluations, this revised text provides a practical guide to all the questions, issues and techniques involved in undertaking successful board and director evaluations. It contains numerous examples and tools. The book will be essential reading for all chairs, directors, company secretaries, chief executive officers and consultants in corporate governance.

Getting the most out of your board evaluations complementary webinar

Co-authors Geoff Kiel and James Beck are hosting the webinar ‘Getting the most out of your board evaluations’ which will draw on elements from the book. The webinar will provide a step-by-step guide to board evaluation and the benefits that can be gained through a well-focused performance review.

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About the author

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Kiel B Com (Hons) PhD (UNSW) FAICD, FAMI, FANZMAC

Geoff Kiel is Chairman of Strategic Governance Pty Ltd, a corporate governance and strategy consultancy as well as Specialist Advisor to the national corporate governance consultancy, Effective Governance Pty Ltd. Geoff is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Queensland and an Honorary Professor of the Australian Catholic University. For over 30 years he has also been a writer and facilitator of corporate governance education programs throughout Australia for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Geoff has had an extensive career as a management advisor, senior manager, management educator and academic researcher. His management consulting experience is widespread, extending over the past forty years. During his long career, Geoff has consulted to well in excess of 500 organisations, both in Australia and internationally. He has undertaken numerous board reviews. He is also an experienced director, serving as a board member and chair of several for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Geoff is especially well known for his work in corporate governance. He is the co-author of the major Australian practical guide to governance, Boards that Work (2003), The ASX Corporate Governance Council's Principles: A Compliance Toolkit (2004; 2008), Board, Director and CEO Evaluation (2005) and Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards (2012).

Associate Professor Gavin Nicholson BEcon LLB MBA (Adv) PhD (UQ) AFAIM FAICD

In addition to researching, lecturing and developing materials in the areas of governance policy and practice, Gavin is an experienced director, governance researcher and board consultant. He has published extensively in the leading journals of his field and currently oversees several large research projects aimed at understanding how boards operate. Gavin has provided advice on corporate governance and strategy to listed and large public companies, government owned corporations, statutory authorities, not-for-profit organisations and local government. He has published extensively in the area of corporate governance, co-authoring Boards that Work (2003), The ASX Corporate Governance Council's Principles: A Compliance Toolkit (2004; 2008), Board, Director and CEO Evaluation (2005) and Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards (2012).

Gavin is an active speaker on both practical and academic governance issues and has presented his work in Australasia, Africa, Europe and North America.

Jennifer Ann Tunny BA (Hons)

Jennifer is Senior Research Advisor at Effective Governance, a privately-owned advisory firm that provides expertise and assistance to all types of organisations on corporate governance, strategy and corporate sustainability to clients in Australia and New Zealand. Since joining the firm, Jennifer has aided in the preparation of books, including Boards that Work (2003) and Board, Director and CEO Evaluation (2005), and academic articles and has played a key role in preparing teaching materials used by the Australian Institute of Company Directors Company Directors, CPA Australia and the Australian Institute of Management. She is co-author of Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards (2012).

James Beck BSc (Hons) Royal Military College Duntroon GAICD FILP FBA Accredited Advisor

James is Managing Director of Effective Governance. He has substantial experience in delivering governance, strategic and risk solutions to address requirements of listed, private, not-for-profit, government and family business clients. Since 2006, James has assisted over 500 organisations practically address their governance needs, in particular undertaking board, director and CEO reviews. He previously held the role of Education Leader for 5 years, as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. James is a nationally accredited facilitator (Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals (FILP)), conference speaker, author of numerous governance articles and co-author of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles: A Compliance Toolkit (2008) and Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards (2012).

James is a regular speaker on corporate governance, strategy and risk topics at seminars and conferences throughout Australia.