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Essential books 1

  • The Role of the Company Secretary

    Practical advice to help company secretaries answer the question “How can I affect change in my interactions with the CEO, the chair and the board in order to deliver the benefits of good governance?”

  • Reviewing Your Board

    Essential reading for all chairs, directors, company secretaries, CEOs and consultants in corporate governance, this book delivers practical advice and an easy-to-implement framework for a board to evaluate itself and answer the question: are we carrying out good governance?

  • Developing Your Director Career

    This practical guide provides a framework to assist in securing a first or next directorship. It aims to help the boardroom aspirant ask the right questions and understand the key drivers behind director recruitment decisions that boards make.

  • Audit Committees, 3rd Edition

    This edition provides a practical introduction to the role and responsibilities of an audit committee. It explains the context in which an audit committee operates and outlines good practice.

  • Asset Management for Directors

    Delivering value from the company’s assets is one of the key roles of the board. Accordingly, it’s critical that company directors have a thorough understanding of asset management principles and how they apply to board decision making.

  • A Director’s Guide to Governing Information Technology and Cybersecurity

    Designed for directors who find themselves in a position where IT is underpinning a digital transformation of their organisation.

  • Creating Value: A practical guide for boards and directors

    Provides a framework of basic tools and terminology for understanding and evaluating the various and often confusing measures and concepts surrounding value and its creation and management.

  • Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? 

    This book is a must-read for any leader looking to increase their ability to create genuinely diverse thinking groups, engage in more productive conversations and make wiser judgements.

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers, 21st Edition

    For the past 33 years, this book has been a must-read for directors, corporate lawyers, academics and those focused on governance in Australia, and its context internationally.

  • Annual General Meetings, 2nd Edition

    This 2nd edition is a handy procedural guide for directors. It clearly sets out the principal steps required to prepare for, convene and conduct an efficient and effective annual general meeting (AGM).

  • Director's Signpost

    An essential book for new and emerging directors. Covers directorship, governance, board operations, professional development and more.

  • All Above Board, 2nd Edition

    A comprehensive guide to developing and applying governance skills specifically for the government sector.

  • Engaging with Shareholders

    This book provides a practical framework of challenges and opportunities for enhancing relationships with institutional and retail investors.

  • Financial Fundamentals for Directors

    Financial literacy is a key skill for all directors, this book enables directors to build on their financial knowledge and better understand their organisation's financial ‘story'.

  • Privacy Governance

    Written by former Australian privacy commissioner Malcolm Crompton, this book focuses on how directors and boards must address privacy in the entities for which they are responsible.

  • Executive Appointments and Disappointments

    For chairs and other board members, this book offers guidance on good practice in preparing CEO and other executive employment agreements.

  • Chairman of the Board, 2nd Edition

    Includes legislation relating to chairmen, actions before, during and after board meetings, insights from high profile chairs, a strategic board calendar and more.

  • Tomorrow's Boards

    For boards and directors, this book covers the research, business case and actions involved in establishing gender diversity to create vibrant and effective boards.

  • Not-For-Profit Insights

    Australian NFP insiders – directors, chairs, researchers and recruiters – share their hard-earned knowledge about this fast-moving sector that contributes so much to Australian society.

  • 2017-18 Professional Development Handbook

    Provides information about the full range of AICD courses, programs, tools and sessions currently on offer in locations across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Essential books 2

  • EDUEssential Director Update 2017

    The Essential Director Update 2017 is an invaluable resource presenting key topics of importance and interest to the director community.

  • 50 Matters To Be Considered Before Signing A Company’s Financial Statements

    A checklist of questions a director should ask as they examine and interrogate the financial information of their organisation.

  • How To Thrive Under The NDIS

    A transformational guide for boards of disability organisations to help them move from being heavily dependent on government funding to being sustainable NFPs.

  • A World of Difference

    Best practices for boards and directors on leading in global markets with cultural intelligence.

  • Not-For-Profit Board Dilemmas

    Practical case studies offering insights and clear examples to help directors on not-for-profit boards to build practical skills and judgement.

  • Difference Makers

    A leader’s guide to championing diversity on boards – includes practical tools, templates and activities.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Provides first-time directors with invaluable inside tips and insights about board membership and company directorship.

  • Driven by Purpose

    Analyses the social context of Australian charities and offers practical advice on rediscovering purpose that drives and shapes.

  • The Book Of The Board, 3rd Edition

    Provides clear guidance on the role of the NFP board, formal and legal responsibilities, and the ways in which the board can maximise its effectiveness for the organisation.

  • The Fish Rots from the Head 3rd Edition

    This is the latest edition of this governance and directorship classic from international guru, Bob Garratt. Recommended around the world as essential reading.

  • Corporate Governance 3rd Edition

    Written by the 'father of corporate governance', Bob Tricker, this text is an authoritative guide to the frameworks of power that govern organizations.

  • Strictly (Mining) Boardroom

    A mix of boardroom practice, resource sector management and investment observations and discussion for the Australian mining sector.

  • Directors at Work

    Comprehensive discussion of contemporary issues in corporate governance, ways in which boards and directors can improve their organisational processes and procedures.

  • Curbing Excessive Short-Termism

    This publication considers how and why ‘excessive short-termism’ can affect Australian public listed companies, as well as the Australian economy and broader society.

  • Mind The Expectation Gap

    This white paper aims to clarify the actual role and responsibilities of non-executive company directors (NEDs).

  • The Language of Directorship

    A glossary of governance terms for directors.