making better directors in the smart state

  • Date:01 Nov 2005
  • Type:CompanyDirectorMagazine

Making Better Directors in the Smart State


Since its inception in 1990 the Queensland division has been committed to producing better
directors as the state’s economy has grown and diversified


The early Dutch explorers found the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York but it was Captain James Cook in HMS Endeavour who discovered the east coast of Australia including what became known as the Queen’s Land.
The penal settlement of Brisbane was established in 1825, as part of the colony of New South Wales. Little wonder State of Origin rugby league matches are such passionate affairs.
From its colonial beginnings in 1859 there have been many changes not least that Brisbane has become a major urban centre and the port of Brisbane is one of the busiest on the east coast. Today Queensland also prides itself on being the smart state.
While the economy of Queensland is still very much dependent on resources and agriculture, the drivers of the smart state include the provision of public service, infrastructure, a private sector friendly regulatory environment, support for innovation and development and developing human capital through education and training.
Developing human capital through education and training is certainly an aim shared by the Queensland division of the AICD.
From Marie Watson-Blake AM, who became the first president in 1990, to John Story, the chairman of Suncorp Metway and the current president, the division has always attracted high calibre directors dedicated to the continuing professional development of directors in the state.
“The division membership has traditionally mirrored what has occurred in the process of diversifying the Queensland economy,” Story said.
“From the early days when directors of large grazing concerns and resources companies needed to enhance their director skills to compete globally to the need by directors of small to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies to take that next step, the division, through its courses and events, has always played an important supportive role.
“We have seen significant growth in membership and our educational and professional development activities are very popular and well attended by both aspiring directors and practicing directors seeking the latest developments in the profession of directorship.
“We see this growth continuing and this helped in no small measure by the hard work and dedication of division manager Richard Moore and his staff of Emma Carpenter, Kim Collum, Kimberley McPhee, Nicole Parissis and Judy Wynn.”