distinguished aicd service

  • Date:01 Oct 2005
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Distinguished AICD service

The process of developing AICD policy and representing AICD’s views to bodies outside AICD relies heavily on the members of AICD policy committees and task forces.
     AICD places a high value on the contributions of the honoraries on our policy committees and has recently developed a Distinguished Service Award as a means of demonstrating how much we value their efforts.
     Each of the recipients have had long and distinguished careers in variety of areas – AICD is grateful that they find the time to contribute on top of their very full lives.

Gavin Campbell, FAICD
Long standing Reporting Committee member, Gavin Campbell joined AICD in 1980. During this time he served as a NSW councillor and NSW Division representative on the Reporting Committee. His contribution to the committee’s activities was such that members asked him to stay on the committee when he retired as a NSW councillor.
Campbell represented AICD on the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. He is also an active and thoughtful contributor to AICD submissions and working papers and his views are highly respected by his peers. Prior to retirement he had a long career at CSR and was managing director of the NSW Stock Exchange.

Dr Keith Suter, FAICD
Keith Suter is the consultant on social policy at Wesley Mission Sydney and a prolific writer and broadcaster. He holds two doctorates; the first in the international law of guerrilla warfare and the second in the economic and social consequences of the arms race.
Keith Suter joined AICD in 1980 and served as chairman of the AICD Environment Committee, subsequently the AICD Sustainability Committee until that committee was disbanded in 2004.
Suter is actively involved in wide range of activities including the Australian Red Cross. Between 1979 and 1999 he was at various times the national and state presidents (NSW and WA) of the United Nations Association of Australia and 1999 he was made a life member of the UN Association. In addition to his activities with AICD’s policy committees he is a reviewer of publications for AICD.

Stuart Grant, FAICD
Stuart Grant has been a director since 1959 and was invited to join the then AICD Accounting and Financial Advisory Committee in 1976 by Sir Robert Crighton Brown. Grant has the distinction of being the longest serving member of what is now known as the Reporting Committee.
He was a partner in a major accounting firm for 30 years and also served as Executive Director Accounting Practice for ASIC. He has also been a visiting fellow at Macquarie University. During his time with the Reporting Committee Grant has been an active participant in developing submissions, preparing and reviewing AICD training material and most recently he has served as a member of the taskforce that developed the Shareholder Friendly Report. He also serves as AICD’s representative on the ASIC Accounting Liaison Committee.