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  • Date:01 Dec 2007
  • Type:CompanyDirectorMagazine

Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to Jill E. Boehm OAM, a director of the Cancer Institute NSW and the Cancer Council NSW, and for her letter (Company Director, November 2007) outlining her frustrations at the ‘closed shop’ for company directors in the top 100 ASX listed companies. I fully support her comments.

I like her, am a graduate of the Company Directors Course and have a background in predominantly the not-for-profit (NFP) sector and yet, am continually frustrated at the lack of opportunities and inability to secure positions on the board of any for-profit entities.

I am registered on the AICD’s database for the Directors Register, but my profile, while being sent to a number of companies, never amounts to anything other than the courtesy notification advising that my profile has been sent.

I have served on the board of two organisations in the NFP sector and have over the past six years held the non-executive positions of treasurer and vice president of these entities.

The pressure and responsibility for board members of these organisations does carry the same governance issues as the for-profit sector. There is also a number of additional governance reporting and statutory requirement responsibilities back to government and other stakeholders.

While Kathy McLean in the article ‘Getting that seat’ (Company Director, October 2007) suggested that to get on the radar, one had to get outside of your organisation, like Jill Boehm, I believe that the skills of many NFP Sector professionals are being overlooked.

Darren R Rattle FCPA, GAICD
General Manager Corporate Services
State Sport Centres Trust