Q and A with Fiona Currey

  • Date:01 Oct 2013
  • Type:Company Director Magazine
Fiona Currey delivers premium education programs to members. Here, she reveals what she loves about her job and how Company Directors has evolved over the past 15 years. 

Company Director (CD):
What does your role entail?

Fiona Currey (FC):
As premium programs manager, I am responsible for delivering the International Company Directors Course and our national residential Company Directors Course programs. I also manage the logistics for the Mastering the Boardroom program.

CD: What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety – every program is different and my role is constantly evolving. I love the interaction with participants and the opportunity to meet members from all walks of life, many of whom have fascinating stories and experiences to share.

CD: What does the Mastering the Boardroom program involve and what benefits does it offer participants?

It’s a board simulation program where experienced directors choose from one of three streams – public listed company, government or private company boards.

They “live the life” of that board member for three days, participating in simulated board and committee meetings.

Each day there is a plenary session to discuss broader strategic and governance topics.

Participants gain valuable insights into their own behaviours and strengths within a dynamic boardroom environment.

Whereas the Company Directors Course is more theory-based, this is very much how you perform in a practical sense as a director in the boardroom.

It is intensive and participants often say just how transforming the program is.

CD: How have you seen Company Directors evolve in the 15 years you have been with the organisation?

When I joined Company Directors, we had about 13,500 members and 54 staff members.

All areas of the business have obviously grown and evolved since then, particularly our education programs.

Suites of programs for directors at all levels have been developed and we have seen a huge growth in attendance numbers.

In 1998, 900 members did the Company Directors Course. Now, 3,500 members undertake the program each year.

The International Company Directors Course was introduced in 2005 and delivered overseas for the first time in 2007, coinciding with our first offshore conference in Shanghai.

We now conduct three International Company Directors Course at least three times overseas each year.

CD: What are the highlights of your time at Company Directors?

It’s been a privilege to meet many inspirational members and to have worked with exceptional facilitators and guest speakers over the years.

There have been many highlights.

One, in particular, was a private tour with half a dozen participants to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It was just us sitting and listening to the call to prayer and then coming out on to the floodlit forecourts of the mosque was quite surreal.

Our annual conferences, too, are always a highlight. Who could forget cocktails on the Great Wall of China!

CD: What international education programs are coming up over the next year and what can participants expect from the experience?

FC: The International Company Directors Course will be held in Indonesia for the first time in November.

Next year, we have scheduled programs again in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

Participants can expect to develop a broad perspective of how boards operate across different jurisdictions.

The participants include directors, chairmen, senior managers and executives of international public, private, not-for-profit and government organisations, operating or based in various parts of the world.

Most say one of the most valuable aspects of the program is the networking and interaction with other participants.

And, we do see a great sense of camaraderie develop within many of our groups.