Volume 11 Issue 11

  • Date:12 Jun 2013
  • Type:Boardroom Report

New laws make reporting of data breaches mandatory

New legislation looks set to be passed that will require organisations to report “serious” data breaches – for example, after a cyber attack – to the Privacy Commissioner.

Ahead of the changes, expected to start in March 2014, directors should be asking their organisations how they are preparing to comply with the new regime. Repeated offences could invoke significant financial penalties.

Adding a risk expert to your board

An international group of directors and chief risk officers has drawn up a guide to help organisations better govern risk by recruiting qualified risk directors to their boards and risk committees.

Saying no to workplace bullies

Boards are warned to prepare for new anti-bullying measures which give new powers to the Fair Work Commission and up the ante in terms of general WHS compliance.

Is your board dysfunctional?

How to assess whether your board has directors who trust each other, are committed, are comfortable with conflict, hold each other to account and are focused on results.

Giving marketing a seat in the boardroom

Directors have tended to regard marketing as a curious mix of art and science. Now a new paper details why it deserves a seat in the boardroom in a new customer-centric world.

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