Volume 11 Issue 19

  • Date:02 Oct 2013
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Developing better leadership habits

The world’s best companies for leadership are purposeful and strategic in developing, enabling and motivating leaders throughout the organisation to do their best.

A study by Hay Group shows they invest in identifying and growing leaders at all levels, focus on and reward efficiency and build business agility to respond to new markets and environments.

ASX 200 puts the lid on director and CEO pay

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors says the average pay for non-executive directors, chairmen and CEOs in the ASX 200 remained almost flat or fell in 2012.

Keeping it in the family 

Some tips on how to exit your business after a new study reveals one third of family businesses are not succession-ready.

More to be done on diversity 

Much still needs to be done to improve gender diversity on Australian boards, but whether “one size fits all” targets are the answer is highly debateable.

What’s worrying SME directors

SME directors are urged to pay attention to the fundamentals as they worry about higher fuel prices, cash flow, price margins, profitability, attracting new customers and competitive activity.

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