Volume 11 Issue 24

  • Date:11 Dec 2013
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Start 2014 on the right path

Business owners need to have strategies in place to end this year and start the new one in the best shape possible. RSM Bird Cameron’s Andrew Graham offers 14 suggestions for business owners to think about before 2014 to improve profits, cash flow and reduce stress levels.

Reputational damage becomes a top threat

Strategic risk is now firmly on the boardroom agenda, but its focus is changing, with repercussions from reputational damage the number one threat for large companies, according to a survey by Deloitte.

Super case highlights the benefits of judicial advice

A recent court case involving industry fund REST highlights the benefits of seeking judicial advice to resolve difficult or contested issues arising from reforms to the superannuation system.

How personality affects the chance of business survival

The personality of a CEO or business owner has a huge influence on whether that business succeeds or fails in tough times. Vantage Performance’s Michael Fingland believes that what sets successful businesses apart from those that go under are how soon they seek external help.

Ten principles that should underpin tax reform

Debate is starting to heat up ahead of the proposed government review on tax reform. There are myriad views as to what should change, but what are the principles that should guide any discussion?

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