Volume 12 Issue 10

  • Date:28 May 2014
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Getting growth back on your agenda

Company Directors chairman Michael Smith pinpointed some of the ways directors could ignite growth in their organisations at last week’s national conference on Hamilton Island.

“We need to increase our awareness of what is changing, how things are changing and in turn, make more effective judgements and decisions,” he said.

Making “clean business” your choice

Doing corruption-free business is a choice which directors can, and must, make to protect their organisations from reputation damage, financial costs and legal liabilities.

How to drive innovation

Former REA Group CEO Gregory Ellis has plenty of advice for directors on how they can drive innovation in larger companies.

How to manage a feisty CEO

Alison Monroe, a spirited company founder and CEO, offers tips for directors on how to best work with and optimise the skills of a feisty CEO.

Answering the tricky questions

Three distinguished directors provide some interesting insights on how many board meetings you should have each year and how long you should stay on a board.

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