Volume 12 Issue 11

  • Date:11 Jun 2014
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Big growth themes for your board’s agenda

A new report from professional services firm Deloitte outlines three core growth themes which should be on your board’s agenda: new consumers, new collaborations and new leadership.

In addition to capitalising on the growing middle class and the rapid growth of second and third-tier cities in Asia, the report warns directors to prepare for version 3.0 of the C-suite.

Important reminders from the courts

The recent decision of the Federal Court in ASIC v Australian Property Custodian Holdings Limited shines a light on decision-making in the boardroom and corporate record-keeping.

Avoiding entrapment in the family business

With an estimated 65 per cent of all family businesses having two or more generations working in them, it is vital to ensure that the older generation avoids entrapping younger family members in the business.

What’s on ASIC's radar for financial year end reports

Directors must challenge the accounting estimates and treatments used in their financial reports and seek explanations and advice, particularly where these do not reflect their understanding of an arrangement.

Global directors say no to short-termism

The expanding Global Network of Director Institutes has called on boards of directors to abandon short-term perspectives in favour of longer-term considerations that will produce more sustainable outcomes.


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