Volume 12 Issue 12

  • Date:25 Jun 2014
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Senate report leaves NFPs in limbo

The not-for-profit sector remains in limbo after a senate committee report failed to break the deadlock between the government and other parties over whether or not to abolish the ACNC. A final report on the charity regulator’s possible replacement, a National Centre for Excellence, is only due in early September.

ATO ruling could put Bitcoin on the board agenda

Bitcoin is set become a topic in boardrooms as the Australian Taxation Office prepares to release a ruling on whether it is a “currency” for tax purposes or not.

How to become anti-bribery compliant

Remaining blasé about foreign corrupt practices law is an increasingly risky game, warns Carter Newell Lawyers’ Audine Bartlett.

How to judge a director’s character

The reputations of many boards have been tarnished because of the questionable behaviour of one or more of their directors, but how does one assess a person’s integrity? Guerdon Associates’ Jane Stuchberry provides some tips.

SMEs shift from survival to growth

While still feeling edgy about the economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are starting to switch their focus from self-preservation to growth and stability.

Cyber attack 25 June

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