Aussie generosity rising

Australia has climbed to sixth place in a global report measuring contributions to charity around the world. 

The ranking has put Australia hot on the heels of New Zealand, which placed as the fifth most generous nation behind the leader, Myanmar. The US, Canada and Ireland were second, third and fourth, respectively. 

According to the World Giving Index 2014, a study of global charitable behaviour from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Australia’s World Giving Index score has increased one percentage point to 56 per cent on last year. 

The index, which is based on surveys in 135 countries, looks at three measures of giving: the percentage of people who give money to charity, volunteer their time or help a stranger in a typical month. 

It found that Australians are growing increasingly generous, with the number of people saying they had helped a stranger rising by over 300,000 in the last year.  

The number of Australians volunteering also increased, rising three percentage points since last year’s report. This is despite the fact that the percentage of people donating money fell by one percentage point to 66 per cent, the study found. 

Commenting on the study, Lisa Grinham, CEO of CAF Australia, said: “From previous reports we’ve seen Australians jump in to help in times of global crisis to support those in need.”

Globally, the World Giving Index report showed that more people are giving their time to good causes and performing acts of kindness, with the number of people who helped a stranger in 2013 rising 226 million year-on-year. Similarly, 132 million more people are volunteering.

In contrast, the study noted that Yemen ranked as the least generous country, with Venezuela just slightly ahead.

Just five of the countries in the top twenty are members of the G20, the group representing the world’s largest economies. Eleven G20 countries are outside the Top 50 and three of these are outside the Top 100.

The full report can be found here.