Volume 12 Issue 3

  • Date:19 Feb 2014
  • Type:Boardroom Report

US model has pros and cons for Australian NFPs 

The government may need to plug several shortfalls if it adopts a model based on Charity Navigator in the US to evaluate Australia’s charities. While it has advantages, industry experts say it’s too simplistic to provide meaningful guidance to donors. And it won’t reduce red tape.

A busy year ahead for nomination and remuneration committees

Nomination and remuneration committees should gear up for pay increases, heightened company takeover and activity and possible changes to government regulation in 2014.

Start-ups welcome a review of employee share schemes

The government’s review of the laws on employee share schemes is a welcome move which could give start-ups a boost in the global war for talent.

What's on ASIC's radar 

ASIC’s enforcement efforts will soon be expanded to include loan fraud, false accounting and takeovers and shareholder disclosure.

Working towards better implementation of strategy

A new study hopes to clarify the much debated question of how far a board's role in strategy should extend.

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