Volume 12 Issue 4

  • Date:05 Mar 2014
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Getting your business "sale ready"

A lack of preparation for sale in today’s heavily weighted buyer’s market can dramatically extend the time required to find a willing buyer for your business or even render the business unsaleable. We offer some tips on how to get your business “sale ready” and on what types of buyers to look for.

Is your CEO a narcissist and does it matter?

A recent study found that companies led by less narcissistic CEOs significantly outperformed those led by their more narcissistic counterparts. But is having a narcissistic CEO necessarily a bad omen?

Fine-tuning your response to shareholder activists

Too many boards are complacent about shareholder activism or fail to see its risks, and those using traditional defence tactics could find themselves outflanked by the activists.

Are you ready for new privacy rules?

Directors need to ensure their organisations are prepared for sweeping new privacy rules that take effect next week to avoid copping tough new penalties from a regulator with wider powers.

ACNC moves to cut reporting burden for charities

Charities will not have to duplicate financial reporting to the ACNC and the states and territories in the 2014 reporting period as moves to cut their reporting burden gains ground.


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