AICD members join Takeovers Panel

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) members Karen Phin GAICD, Nicola Wakefield Evans MAICD and Bill Koeck MAICD have been appointed to the Takeovers Panel on a part-time basis. They have been joined by Stephanie Charles and Sarah Rennie. All members have been appointed until 29 April 2018.

The purpose of the panel is to provide a mechanism for peer review of takeovers activity, with the aim of being more efficient, less formal and more expeditious than the courts. The functions and powers of the panel are conferred by the Corporations Act 2001 and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001.

The panel now has 43 members (including the president), all of whom are appointed on a part-time basis.


Future Generation Global Investment Company (FGG) has announced the appointment of Belinda Hutchinson AM FAICD, Sarah Morgan GAICD, Sue Cato and Karen Penrose GAICD to its pro bono board.

FGG is based on the model of Future Generation Investment (FGX ) launched last year and is being led by co-CEOs Louise Walsh and Chris Donohoe GAICD.

It is Australia’s first internationally focused listed investment company (LIC) and has the dual objectives of providing shareholders with diversified exposure to global equities and aiming to donate one per cent of the company’s net tangible assets each year as funding for Australian not-for-profits focused on youth mental health.

It will list on the ASX in September 2015.