Volume 13 Issue 3

  • Date:18 Feb 2015
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Test your knowledge

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has designed a financial reporting quiz aimed at helping directors assess their understanding of such matters.

Protecting minority investors

The opportunities privately held companies extend to shareholders who are strangers are rarely extended to those who are relatives.

Making reporting easier

The Australian Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board are working on a range of initiatives to address concerns about information overload in financial statements.

Engaging shareholders

The key to improving stakeholder engagement and market value could lie in the information that companies are not revealing in their annual reports.

Measuring safety

Companies that have a higher proportion of remuneration weighted towards safety measures tend to have lower injury frequencies, according to Credit Suisse.

Performing better

A well-executed strategy matters more than ever. Boards and management must interact productively when defining and refining their companies’ strategies.

The year ahead

Remuneration, the possible reversal of tax changes and increased shareholder rights are set to dominate environmental, social and corporate governance agendas in 2015.

Allen appointed to ASX board

Yasmin Allen FAICD has been appointed to the Australian Securities Exchange board as a non-executive director.

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