China CSR improving

A recent study of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape in China reveals that while substantial improvements have occurred, weak enforcement of legislation is considered the major obstacle in the development of sustainability in China.

However, the report, from the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and CSR Asia, states that continued efforts by the government and regulatory authorities will help to overcome the obstacles.

The report states that the survey respondents: “view understanding and implementing CSR in China as currently largely limited to philanthropic activities. Respondents believe that the most important CSR themes for companies in China are economic performance, environmental impact and workplace issues. They believe fair operating practices such as anti-corruption and fair competition are considered the least important.” 

It reveals that Chinese businesses see their main corporate responsibility as economic performance. Voluntary disclosure about anti-corruption and fair competition remains low.

Respondents also view the lack of enforcement as stifling development of sustainability in China but they also expect that their government will continue to strengthen the enforcement regime and that the media will increase their focus on CSR matters in the future.

Multinational companies are seen as the leaders in integrating CSR into daily operations in China though some respondents felt that multi-national corporations’ CSR efforts in China differed from their efforts globally. This may reflect the realities of localising global CSR strategies in China. 

To read the report, click here.