Vol 7 Issue 24 December 16 2009

  • Date:16 Dec 2009
  • Type:Boardroom Report

Closing the gender gap

A new report argues that the Government could do much more to close the male-female employment gap, including providing a timetable for increased female participation in Australia’s top 200 boards and executive teams.

The Goldman Sachs JBWere Investment Research report Australia’s Hidden Resource: The Economic Case For Increasing Female Participation states that this timetable should have a minimum quota of two female positions per board and an audit on female representation at the executive level.

Some tips in balancing risks and rewards

A company’s risk management system should function to bring to the board’s attention the company’s most material risks and permit the board to understand and evaluate how those risks interrelate, how they affect the company and how management addresses those risks.
What keeps directors up at night?
Directors are finding that current law does not offer them very much comfort and security and this has resulted in increasing calls for statutory reforms to extend the business judgment laws.

Social responsibility guide creates concern

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has announced that the development of a future International Standard ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility, has reached an important phase with its publication as a Draft International Standard (DIS).

Food for thought on best practice

What we consider best practice may not necessarily be best for listed corporations, according to Shann Turnbull, a principal of the International Institute for Self-governance.



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