Directing Social Media

Social media can be intimidating and fraught with danger for a director and their company. With any risk there can be unlimited opportunity.

We operate in a 'real-time' environment where speed is a given priority. Customers, employees and organisations have an equal voice in the world of social media -- a world, where anyone can participate, radically amplifying the scrutiny of a company, their board, and the way in which information is communicated.

In the video's below the panel discuss the following issues for directors:

  • Perspectives on social media
  • What are the risks associated with social media and what should directors be aware of?
  • What policies should an organisation have to mitigate social media risk?
  • What are the social media opportunities?
  • Social media strategy
  • What levels of understanding and use to board members require?
  • Monitoring and reporting for the board?
  • Next big thing?

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  • Iggy Pintado MAICD,¬†General Manager, Member and Member Services, Australian Institute of Company Directors, CEO & Director, ConnectGen (Author, Connection Generation)
  • Tim O'Callaghan GAICD, Partner -- Intellectual Property, Piper Alderman
  • Jason Dunstone, Managing Director, Square Holes Pty Ltd
  • Cam Pearce MAICD, National Marketing Manager SA/NT, Coopers Brewery Ltd