Healthcare Conference Highlights

Governance in a changing world

 Video Presentations

Keynote Address / International Perspective:
The changes occurring in the US due to the Affordable Care Act.

Emily Friedman, Independent Health Policy and Ethics Analyst

Emily shares her insights on the role out and impact of Section 2718 in terms of the private insurance market and improving service quality.

The board’s role in the deals, and oversight of implementation, in privatisation of the NHS in the UK

Stephen Collier, Group Chief Executive, BMI Healthcare

Challenges for Boards dealing with Active Stakeholders

 Christine McLoughlin FAICD, Independent Non-Executive Director, Whitehaven Coal Limited



Interview with Helen Scotts GAICD, Director HayGroup Pty Limited
The Role of the Board in Transformation


Interview with Dr Norman Swan, Host, Tonic
Environmental Shifts Occuring in Healthcare

Interview with Mary Barry FAICD, Chief Executive Officer, National Heart Foundation of Australia
Environmental Shifts Occuring in Healthcare