Directors' Download: Disruption vs Innovation - What is the Difference?


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Disruptors are innovators however not all innovators are disrupters. Innovation and disruption are similar in that they are both makers and builders. Disruption takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day activities. Business disrupters are ever present and this is a good thing; upending trends at a moment's notice and changing consumers' desires and expectations. It transforms business processes for whole enterprises and can be both exciting and challenging. Not one individual company is so essential that it can't be replaced and no single business model or sector are off-limits to a raw burst of change.  So lets harness the power of disruption

This will be an interactive session offering members an opportunity to network amongst like minded business professionals, ask questions of our industry experts and even share your own experiences with participants.


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