Boards of Tomorrow


What are the global influences that will shape the Boards of Tomorrow?

Australian boards need to continually adapt and change to the growing demand of their business environments. Rapid economic shifts are diversifying the global economy and digital trends leading to diversity in skills and thinking are common challenges for the Boards of Tomorrow.

Diversity within the boardroom is essential for improving the conversation and decision making. It hinges on having Boards with the appropriate skills, cultural perspective, gender balance, independence and experience.  These factors then fuel the conversations that are necessary to aid successful strategic plans and risk management strategies.

For companies to achieve their full potential and manage in a dynamic and ever changing world, we believe that Boards of Tomorrow require greater cultural, age, gender and skills diversity around the Boardroom table. We will bring together key influencers, with different perspectives, for a deeper thought provoking discussion around the composition of the Boards of Tomorrow and how they reach consensus whilst encouraging fresh thinking and independence of thought.



Peter Nash MAICD, Chair, KPMG
Rebecca McGrath FAICD, Chair, Investa Office Management
Tom Mutch, Partner, Derwent Executive
Sylvia Falzon GAICD, Non-Executive Director, Perpetual Limited
David Thodey AO FAICD, Chair CSIRO and Jobs NSW