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Using our secure online course and event booking service

When you purchase a course, event or book on the website, you are within a secure ordering process. Your payment details are verified by Verisign (TM) and you can check if your browser supports secure connections by looking for a small padlock symbol, usually found at the top or bottom right hand corner.

Booking Events and Courses Online

Due to the high number of events we hold, sometimes a short delay occurs before the display of booking information. Please wait for the details to load, or try navigating to the item via the Event Calendar or the Courses Calendar. Please note the browser requirements above.

Q: I can't get to certain information or resources on the website. Why?
A: Some information is only available to logged in members.

Q: I am a member but I was charged a non-member price. Why?
A: You must login to receive member discount.

Our emails

Like most organisations and professionals like you, we are against spam tactics. We send permission-based email communications to professionals who have submitted their email address and agreed to receive it. We also make every effort possible to allow recipients to easily unsubscribe.

Given the rise in spam, several organisations have decided to use spam filters to avoid unwanted emails. Sometimes legitimate email communications, like the kind we send, get blocked in these spam filter systems. To help get the email you want to get through these filters to your inbox, you should always add the sender's email address to your email program's address book.

Use the information below find the directions for your email program.

Spam filtering tools

If you are using a spam filtering tool such as:

SpamArrest, ChoiceMail/DigiPortal, Active Spam Killer, Mail Frontier, Zaep/RhinoSoft, Mailblocks or similar....

Simply add our email address to your "safe sender list" , "white list" , or address book.


Outlook 2003

To add a domain (everything after the “@” in the email address):

In your main Outlook screen menu go to "Actions" in your menu bar Select "Junk email options"
Click on "Add Senders Domain"
Click on "Add"
add this domain:
To add an email address

In your main Outlook screen go to ‘Actions' in your menu bar Select ‘Junk email options'
Click on "Safe Senders List"
Click on "Add"
add these emails:

Outlook 2000 and XP

If the Junk E-mail option is enabled (found in Tools > Organize) add AICD to the "Exception List"

On the "Tools" menu, click "Rules Wizard"
In the "Apply rules in the following order" box, click "Exception List"
In the "Rule description box", click "Exception List"
Click "Add" then enter ""

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